The 2024 Harley Davidson Breakout 117 FXBR sets a new standard for riding excellence. It perfectly fuses comfort and thrill. Get ready for an epic journey where every mile is a treat for the senses. Feel the rumble. Embrace the performance. Let’s dive into what makes this ride so unique.

Ergonomic Design For The Rider

This machine features an ergonomic setup. It’s designed to fit you perfectly. The seat cradles you, handlebars reach out to meet your grasp, and foot controls align just right, promising a natural posture for long rides.

  • Contoured seat
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Optimally positioned foot pegs

Customization Options

The Breakout 117 FXBR isn’t just a bike—it’s a canvas for personal expression. Choose from a wide range of genuine accessories to make this Harley yours.

Custom Feature Benefit
Exhaust systems Enhanced sound and power
Paint kits Unique color schemes
Wheels Eye-catching styles
Handlebars Custom grip feel